The first major update 2.0 is opening the Plugin for almost every kind of reservations. This was a very big step in background.
Offers got cut out completly. They were to complicated at setup and hadn’t much use left. There’s alot more, read it in the changelog.

Then the new website is finished with a support forum and a new documentation. I worked for more then a week on it, but there’s much to do left. I want to update and expand the documentation more regular from now. Maybe some have a few ideas on what is important.

And the biggest step for me was the release of the first modules. I hope you’ll like them and have a few ideas on how to expand them. I plan to release one module per month and a few styles from time to time.

All together there was alot of work behind this. And less sleep. I’ll write more after the weekend, now it’s time to relax, enjoy and think about the next steps.

Please say me what you think about out all the new stuff!