I get the request of time based reservations and have to refuse it at least once per week. I think its in the need of a public answer to this, even cause I don’t want to write it again and again.

The reason because I wont add it is very simple: Loading times.
The check for availability and the price calculation have to go through every day of reservation and check for different things. When you use filters this gets a lot more. If I would add time based reservations with an interval from 15 minutes, which would be the highest flexible one, the calculation and checks would need at least 96 times more!
Think of what this would do to the calendar, the overview or the table. There’s not only one check, 30 in calendar and much much more in the overview, and each of them would last 96 times more. That wouldn’t be cool anymore. And we haven’t talk about time based overview and calendar yet…

So I have the choice between a good running system for over-night reservations or a lame one for time based. I made my choice and if not anybody comes with a real great idea there wont ever be time based things in this Plugin. But I would do a lot for it if we find a realistic way.

Sorry for this!