About Myself & the History of easyReservations

To explain the idea behind easyReservations I will introduce myself a bit: My name is Feryaz Beer, I’m 20 years old and living in Hanover, Germany. I started this project on the side while I was still in school in June 2011. I was working on a website for a small Italian hotel and the theme chosen had a small reservation system in it. It was just a form on the website and a list of the submissions with approve and reject options in admin. Then I came upon the idea to make a visual output from the information collected – the overview. That was the start of easyReservations and it is still just as fun as the first days of working on it. My motivation comes from the enjoyment I receive with all the challenges and the learning experiences, and not about making huge amounts of money.

A Passion for Work

If you really took a look at the scope of features of the free version, the add-on modules, documentation, and support that goes into easyReservations, I think you will see it is worth the price. The money goes to support the development and for my time. The plan is to have as many users enjoying the exceptional value of the free version as possible. If  just a portion of them are happy to buy some modules and become life-time users, I can keep doing what I love.

So go on and support it. 😉 I will try my best.