easyReservations Premium 5.0.11

The easyReservations Premium Membership bundles twelve Modules with over thirty new, exclusive and extended functions for your website. Try out the demo now! You can find Premium for the easyReservations 6.0 alpha here.

With the payment gateways, invoices and excel export it’ll allow you to manage not only your reservations, but also your income and complete accounting in one system. For your guests your website will be much more interactive. They can search for available resources, edit their reservations afterwards and even communicate with the administrators in a chat. There’s also a resource slider and the option to display the price calculation in the form. The HTML emails and its three very beautiful templates will increase the appeal of your business. To reduce your work and increase the workflow you can let the reservations approve automatically after the user reserves or pays. For international websites forms, invoices and emails can have multilingual content. The calendar can show multiple months in a flexible grid and is also available in a hourly version.

New Modules, Updates, and Support for one full year!

New modules and updates to existing ones will come out regularly and are free for premium members. You can download and install them directly from your premium settings.

While free members only have access to the bug-report forum, Premium Users have full access to every part of this website. You’ll not only get help on how to set-up and use the plugin, but also fast support on problems. These services are available for one full year, but you’ll still be able to use the premium functions afterwards.

Premium Functions