You are allowed to use the modules on any of your Websites, but you are not allowed to share or resell the code in any way!

Aren’t they released under GPL?

All files, even those where we could use another license, are fully under GPL. Legally you can do anything with the files. But we’re only offering support and updates to customers that follow this rule.

What means “your website”?

Simply that you or your client is the owner of the products sold over easyReservations. If you’ve multiple clients or want to sell products of multiple owners you’ll need to purchase a premium license for each one of them.

How long is the premium membership?

You can use your installed premium version forever, but support and updates are limited to one year.

Purchasing multiple licenses

If you’re purchasing multiple licenses at once you’re getting a discount and will have the ability to generate premium accounts for your clients. The account you get after purchasing is not for your clients, but for you to generate the premium accounts, have access to the forum and testing easyReservations. To avoid any license problems don’t use it on a production site and generate an own premium account for each client.