You are allowed to use the modules on any of your Websites, but you are not allowed to share or resell the files in any way!

Arent they released under GPL?

All files, even those where I could use another license, are fully under GPL. Legally you can do anything with the files. This has two simple reasons: I like the idea of GPL and can’t waste my times with lawyers. It wouldn’t be very realistic to be real save either. Of course this brings me in a dangerous situation: If the files are available for free there would be the risk that I have to quit the project.

The solution I’ve found is simple: As long as you follow the rules and don’t share the files you’ll get updates and support for them. GPL forces to give out the whole Source-Code in the current state but not to provide support or updates. Secondly and maybe more important: I’m providing a good and complete product for free. It’s not forcing to pay anything and there are no back doors in my offer. My clients mostly come out of the economy or working for them. They have enough money and know the worth of work. I’m doing this on my own, there’s no big company behind this.

What means “your website”?

Simply that you or your client is the owner of the buisnesses that uses easyReservations. If you’ve multiple clients you’ll need to purchase the premium membership for every client itself.

Purchasing multiple licenses

If you’re purchasing multiple licenses at once you’re getting a discount and will have the ability to generate premium accounts for your clients. The account you get after purchasing is not for your clients, but for you to generate the premium accounts, have access to the forum and testing easyReservations. To avoid any license problems don’t use it on a production site and generate an own premium account for each client.