April 30, 2012

The form gets generated by completely customizable form templates. To configure them go to the settings and then to form. In the first row you’re able to navigate between and add new form templates. On the right you’ll see tables of the available form fields divided into the three groups date, information and special in an accordion menu. To add a field just click on it in the table. The last menu in the accordion menu is for format and html related functions. Each field in the form is represented by [tags] in the forms editor. You can click on […]

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Custom fields

April 28, 2012

Use Custom fields in your forms to add form elements and collect additional informations. The informations get saved by the title and can get exported and send in emails ([customs]). Whitespaces arn’t allowed in title. To make a field required simply add * at the end of the tag. This will show an error and the form wont submit if the field is empty.

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