January 4, 2013

With filters you can setup price, requirement or availability related rules based on time or conditions. The price filter can be used to either change the base and children prices or add discounts and extra charges. Base price filters get checked for and applied for each billing unit, while discounts and extra charges only get applied once. It can filter by date range or time units. The units work by OR in the same unit and with AND between different units. That means you can filter for every Monday or Tuesday in January, but not every Monday and every February […]

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April 28, 2012

The property that your guests should be able to reserve are called Resources and can be rooms, persons, courses, tours, events or anything else. Technically the resources get saved as custom posts and are viewable in the frontend. Due to the different appearance of themes there’s no advantage in using them to present your property, but it can have disadvantages as they generally won’t support your theme’s features. On their administrations page you can add, edit and copy them. It’s also possible to open the normal post view, which can help you to set up multilingual plugins or to define […]

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