Add custom payment gateway

July 17, 2013

This tutorial is mostly targeted at developers as a bit programming knowledge is required to add a new gateway. It works with all gateways that use a form (mostly appears as button) submit to get the information and process the payment with the guest from there on. It only works with easyReservations 3.3 and above. Basic setup To start we create a new wordpress plugin by going in the folder /wp-content/plugins/ and creating a new folder with any name. Then create a new file named like the folder with the extension .php. In this tutorial it will be example and […]

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Export & Import

January 13, 2013

Export After activating the new export box is under the reservations table on the dashboard. In the first field you can select the source of the reservations to export. Either it uses only the reservations currently displayed in the table, all reservations or select reservations by time and/or status. The second field defines the output format that can be a .xls Excel file, a comma separated list or a .xml backup file. The backup is only for the import function while the other ones can be used for various reasons in other programs. In Excel you can select all the […]

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