You heard right! The next update will be 2.0 and the first beta is out for trying :)

Actually the plan was to go far over the 1.10, but i reached my goal for 2.0 surprisingly now.

From now on the plugin works for more types of reservations. It was very difficult, but i found a good working way.

You can choose hourly, daily or weekly mode. But in all of this options you can have even minutly reservations.

This works because the system calculates each begun unit (hour,day or week) as a full one. It only checks every unit and not every minute – that was the point because i said that this feature wont come.

In order with this the unit option is fluent and you can change it anytime without changing any reservation data or lose anything.
In weekly and daily mode it check each day for availability and in hourly mode each hour.
The overview shows reservations that durate shorter as the selected unit in one field summarized with popup (see screenshot) and it shows every hour instead of day in hourly mode of course.

This means if you’ve more over-night reservations choose daily mode and if if youve more reservations shorter than a day choose the hourly mode. The weekly mode is just for billing.
It sounds more complicated than it is in use.

In order to make the plugin a bit more easier to understand i had to remove the offers function completly. It came from version 0.1 and hadnt more use left than it complicated. Sorry if you need them. I want to find an alternative and maybe extend the price fields but i need to know which functions are needed for you! The message field is also away, use custom fields instead. As of the plugin isnt only for hotels anymore the rooms got renamed to resources.

The forms got improved alot, use the new standard form as ground! The [nights] tag is back as [units]

You’ll believe that this changes required to overworking the whole plugin file for file and on the way I improved many other things. Dont have the time to write more yet and there’s no changelog yet also but you’ll notice them.

Now I really need your help! With this update the first modules should get released. I want the update to be as bug-free as possible. I will begin to work on the new website – is mine :) – tomorrow and need maybe a week for it. In this time I’m waiting for your bug reports and suggestions releated to the 2.0 beta. Please help me to make a real stable update. Every smallest thing is noticeable. Of course i’ll reward helpers if its appropriate like always.

Points to check:

  • Overview
  • Of course the different unit modes
  • Reservations with many different time releations 0h – 23h, 23h – 1h, 11h-14h, ect and the influence of the units and price calculation and the overview
  • Export
  • Form errors
  • Form tag [units]
  • Form with/without hours and minutes
  • User edit shortcode

Donwload easyReservations 2.0 beta 5