Hey 🙂

One week is over, I’ve got a bit responses and it seems as everything works fine.

With the next update the logic of the versions numbers changes. Till now the two 1.x versions were very big updates. This has the advantage that I have more time for them and can make bigger changes. But in fact at some point it prevented me from updating frequently cause its to less content for a 1.x version but too much for a 1.x.x update. That shouldn’t be.

So from now on each update with new features (or big rewrotes) will always be 1.x, only small fixes get 1.x.x. As of this the x will definitely go over the ten and after 1.9 wont be 2.0. A bit like firefox did, but I thinks its a good idea.

Now to the real news. 1.3 will come out in near future. New security functions on the frontend forms, plenty of mySQL queries were improved and a few bugs got fixed. I rewrote the whole availability check, it had no problems but was split in 5 different functions. The most time I spend in annoying code clean-ups like improve loops and replace old things. A few nice features were added – nothing big like in 1.2 but more in detail. I experimented a bit with dashboard widgets, but I need input on what information’s you need there. The main administration got improved a lot. The overview works fully without reload now and has two new js animations. The animations are also selectable cause they annoy if you have an old computer. The table can show five or six more information’s and you can select which to display. A new box show what happens today (arrival/departure).

You can download a beta of 1.3 here. Please report any bugs. If your admin reservations site is blank click on the screen settings on the right top.

Edit: Nice, 10 beta downloads and two mails with bugs. Here’s the next one.

I think thats it. Hope ill get it till tommorow night.